Razor Clodbuster Chassis Assembly Guide


Step 1


Attaching gearbox stays to gearboxes



Step 2

Place gearbox stays in position as shown.

NOTE: they are sided long and short.


Step 3

Make sure both top and bottom holes are in line


Step 4

Attach gearbox stay to gearbox with 10mm screw, repeat for both sides.

NOTE Do not fully tighten yet!


Step 5

Attach gearbox stay to axle with 22mm M3 screw, repeat for both sides.


Step 6

Using a screwdriver and small spanner or pliers add an M3 nut, do not tighten fully, leave so screw can be turned freely. Repeat for both sides.


Step 7

Top link


Step 8

Attach Top link to gearbox and secure as shown.


Step 9

Steering plates


Step 10

Attach steering plate as shown, do not fully tighten M3 nut, screw must be allowed to turn freely so it can be attached to the grearbox

NOTE When plate is attached turn lower servo mounting post 180 degrees for correct placement (front only)


Step 11

Make sure steering plate is next to gearbox stay and not overlaping


Step 12

Slide lower chassis links over M3 screw as shown


Step 13

and top links over M3 screw on the top link mount. Secure in place with M3 nut


Step 14

Secure lower links in place with M3 nut and fully tighten


Step 15

Fully tighten 10mm screw to gearbox and clip cantilever links to teh gearbox stays as shown.